Facebook App for Amazon Kindle Fire

How are you there, welcome to the technological age here we will show you what a book looks like on Kindle Fire and let’s just go ahead and use my little stylus here and we will go to the application. And then you want to go to the Facebook app for Kindle Fire, you should have it on your application screen now. Here’s the problem Facebook doesn’t have a special application for Kindle Fire okay it’s more like a shortcut so when you tap it will only take you like to a website that is no longer the special application they made for Kindle Fire so what you use is the same one that there are on the iPhone and almost half the device so let’s move on and reload here and there we go so this is what the app looks like again if you have a smartphone you might see a very similar look like a little bigger. Facebook App for Amazon Kindle Fire

You can get your info to get photos of things like photo albums, search for friends on Facebook, you just need to search for friends on Facebook search for Kindle Fire Example I want to find my friend Chris Wong, so now I have started searching all Chris, I know i will come down here tap the name and then the profile appears and so then you know i can leave them a message if I tap here i can route on this wall i can see info i can see the photo so it’s just kind of general just see what the set applet looks like again.

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It’s not a special application it’s just their mobile browser but it still gives you access to anything now. It’s pretty cool you can actually upload photos from Kindle Fire to your Facebook and for that, we will be back. And knockback to the picture and then show who likes. So this is sort of like what Facebook looks like on the Kindle Fire and will work in landscape too and this is pretty cool so if you want to turn it sideways and you have to go to the option to see the screen a little bigger and we can go to the news feed we see on where is everybody because there are others and again if you are going to post or make a status just click there and then press or I can scroll down and see all the friends that I want to show for my new status in the post.

Facebook app for Kindle Fire features:

  • See what friends are doing
  • Share updates, photos and videos
  • Get notified when friends like and comment on posts when you post something or status Text, chat and have group conversations
  • Play the game and use your favorite application
  • Share photos in a flash, reach friends faster with Facebook messages and keep up with your friends without slowing down.
  • News Feed allows you to see what is happening with friends, family and whatever you like.
  • Share what’s on your mind with the people you want to reach with Posts.

Download the Facebook app for Kindle Fire. You can install it by following this link

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