Google Play on Kindle Fire Download and Install with easy Steps

Google Play on Kindle Fire requires a few things even though your Kindle Fire can be called an Android device, it doesn’t have Google support like most other phones or tablets out there. And to start the Play Store installation method, a PC is required to push commands to your device, but for this guide, all you need is your Kindle Fire device along with the app file. Follow the method we provide below:

Download and Installing Google Play Store.

If you discover that Google Play Store continues to be not installed and you have got Downloaded all the APK files, then attempt these steps below:

Step 1: close out of your Silk browser and open up the constitutional file manager app, Docs, that you just wear your fire tablet.

Step 2: choose native StorageGoogle Play on Kindle Fire Download and Install with easy Steps

Step 3: Next Click your Downloads folder.Google Play on Kindle Fire Download and Install with easy Steps

You will notice all of your APK files are going to be here during this folder. All you have got to do is just faucet on one to start installing it onto your Kindle fire.

Note: Make sure that you just install the APK files within the same precise order that you’ve downloaded them from above.

The order is: Google Account Manager APK → Google Services Framework APK → Google Play Services APK → Google Play Store APK

Step 4: On the next screen, plow ahead and ensure the installation by sound on Install at the bottom. you’ll be able to see to your higher left corner that it says that APK File that you’re installing. again confirm to install all the files within the right order

Methode 2

Step 1: Prepare Your fire tablet

Go to Settings > Security > change Apps from Unknown Sources (this can prompt a warning message—that’s normal).

Step 2: Download Google Apps

Now it’s time to download four separate app files. the simplest method is to use the fire tablet’s silk web browser. simply confirm to install them within the order they are listed below.

It’s best to put in the apps one at a time as they download. simply faucet the download notification to prompt install. If you miss the notification, swipe left from the browser’s screen to open the menu and choose downloads.

These apps should be put in within the following order:

  • Google Account Manager
  • Google Services Framework
  • Google Play Services
  • Google Play Store

Update: If you’re having issues with the install button being grayed out and rebooting doesn’t fix the matter, do this fix: once you encounter the grayed out install button, strive pressing the power button to place the device to sleep, then power it back on and unlock the screen, and currently the install button should work (tip).

Step 3: Restart and Sign-in

After installing the Google apps on top of your wish to the conclusion and restart your fire tablet before using the Play Store app.

After restarting, simply launch the Google Play app and log in to your Google account. And enjoy!

Update – Step 4: Once you have got the Google Play store up and running, it’s a good plan to travel into settings and switch off auto-updates for apps as a result of they will damage the pre-installed Amazon apps and cause problems. Read Also: Whatsapp for Kindle Fire Download and Install

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