Kindle Fire Touch Not Responding Solution

Amazon Kindle fire touch screen not responding any although I attempt to bit something nothing is touching. thus however we have a tendency to can we resolve this problem yea the battery is full thus we can’t do something thus what we want to try to do is to open this kindle fire as you’ll be able to see, I actually have a PK that I’m about to use to open the rear and it’s terribly straightforward by finding your manner in by the center and gently take apart the Kindle fire.Kindle Fire Touch Not Responding Solution

Method fix Amazon Kindle fire Touchscreen not responding

Just believe the battery yea okay guys. thus what we’re about to do with this King of fire is that we are about to heat the digitizer yea we area unit about to heat the details aren’t too hot tho’ we’re simply gonna preheat the digitizer.
When you end you would like to touch the screen and to ascertain if the screen digitized the temperature may be a bit heat yea thus we’ve finished there okay. we tend to simply preheat the digitizer so we area unit going away it to chill down a touch and when it cools down we are about to plug back within the battery ribbon. Hopefully once you activate your tablet the screen ought to be walking once more the rationale for me preheating the digitizer is that generally the screen digitizer it gets cold and there area unit times once the circuitry of the digitizer that there’s a section here will cut down in terms of the info about to the touchpad of the digitizer.

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thus |after we heat the digitizer we cause the energy to flow through the digitizer affirmative thus hopefully we area unit about to get this Kingo kindle back and running dead it’s the Amazon kindle fire. within in the meantime what you’ll be able to do push this informative very important data out there on computers pill phones and different devices however we tend to area unit still watching for this to chill down yea. we area unit about to do a take a look at currently thus I simply plug back within the battery yea the battery is at seventy-one thing percent and as you’ll be able to see here this could be the ability button here we’re about to activate Amazon yea.

So this is often difference concerning fixing your Amazon Kindle hearth modify the touchscreen yea their area unit times once the digitizer simply stopped responding thus we’re about to concerning fixing it yea. so yeah, as you’ll be able to see everything, is functioning here on the Kindle hearth currently and this is often however you fix your Kindle hearth if you have got unresponsive digitizer, this is often however you’ll be able to act substitution or fixing your Kindle fire.

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