Kindle Fire Won’t Charge (Best Solution)

Kindle is one of the best e-ink readers on the market. With the best quality and user experience, this is also quite popular among the masses. However, it can be reached quickly, devices that are more popular for reading purposes, run out of juice. Often, users even have a Kindle Fire that will not cause problems with their tablet.

Now 6-8 hours, which is the average battery life of Amazon Kindle Fire, is a good backup battery for tablets. What you need to understand is, for an obsessive reader like me, that’s nothing. People who spend most of their time on the road will tell you about public transportation expenses.

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And this time we will discuss kindle fire won’t charge and how to fix it. Maybe you have also experienced it? Don’t panic because this can be fixed. See below about how to fix a kindle fire won’t charge

How to fix kindle fire won’t chargeKindle Fire Won't Charge (Best Solution)

Warranty Claim

Claim Warranty from Amazon instead. Your warranty claim might be asked to reset your tablet, in general, it is a good idea to try it anytime you want to have a problem with your phone or tablet. If it still can’t, then your device will be replaced with a new one.

Reset your Kindle Fire

enter your device settings and select device options click on reset to factory default then choose reset you can only do this if your tablet is fired enough to reset. If you can’t turn on the tablet at all, skip this step and Also Read: Youtube for Kids on Kindle Fire

Check the charger cable of your Kindle fire device

The fastest method of charging a Kindle fire device is to insert the tablet with an influence outlet with the utilization of an Amazon Kindle Power quick adapter or a micro-USB cable. just in case you’re utilizing associated adapter or a cable that wasn’t specifically designed for your Kindle fireplace device, connecting it for charging may be a difficulty for you. Thereby, ensure once you try the method once more for charging the device do the same with some things that are assured to be compatible along with your e-book reader.

Check the USB connections twice

Sometimes people use a compatible charging cable however still are unable to charge their tablet. If the same issue happens to you, i.e. just in case you’re also utilizing a charging wire that is compatible to your device however the device still doesn’t get the charging the least bit, have a closer look at the micro-USB port that’s a gift on your Kindle device. This port usually will begin to return loose and it interrupts with the capability of the cable for transmitting power to your device properly. However, just in case you discover the port lose, you’ll need delivery a replacement part right away.

Ensure the power outlet operates perfectly

You must be employing a power out for charging your e-book tablet. Here, you need to ensure that the facility outlet you’ve got been utilizing for exploitation is operating during a correct method. Connect another gadget into a similar outlet to verify that the facility is streaming suitably.

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