Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On Solution

Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On – Have you ever taken out a Kindle Fire to check your e-mail or read a new book that you bought from Amazon, only to find out that your precious Kindle will not live? This happened to me only a month after I bought Kindle, so my first thought was that I had gotten a broken, used device and had to return it. After a little checking, I found that this is a common problem and fortunately, so you don’t panic, usually, this can be fixed quickly. Here are some tricks for how to get your Kindle back fire won't turn on Solution

Reset Device

If your Kindle Fire does not want to live, this does not mean that it is “broken or used goods”. Kindle Fire tends to become “stuck,” which means that it seems to “go out or die” when it’s really “active” but it won’t work properly because it’s locked. To unlock the Kindle, reset it by holding the power button for 20 seconds or more until your device turns off. Then restart the device by pressing the power button again. If this doesn’t work the first time, try holding this button for 30 seconds or more. Most of the time, this is what you have to do to turn on and turn on the Kindle again. If this does not work, follow the next method below:

Charge it Device

If the reset does not work, your battery might die. Try plugging the Kindle Fire into the charger and wait for about 15 minutes before trying to turn it on again. If the device refuses to start, try resetting again as above.

If it still can’t be turned on, there’s a chance you have a broken charging cable and you have to buy it. Unfortunately, the cable that accompanies the Kindle is not known for its long life. Try charging the tablet with another cable that has a Micro USB connection and sees if the device responds. There is no guarantee that the charging cable from your smartphone will work with Kindle Fire, but it needs to be tried. If you get a small fee, then you will know that your Kindle needs a new charging cable.

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Try Different Resources

If the charging cable works but the tablet still won’t turn on, try connecting it to a different outlet or USB port on your computer. The above methods should be able to help your Kindle Fire turn on again.

What if Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On

If all the troubleshooting tips above fail, your Kindle Fire might have a hardware problem that needs professional help. Amazon offers a one-year limited warranty on Kindle devices, but if your tablet is more than one year, you want to find the most reliable service for the best price. Visit iResQ.

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