Overdrive App for Kindle Fire Download

In this article, we will give you a method on how to get Overdrive app for Kindle Fire easily and for free and you can enjoy it after you download Overdrive with the method we provide. Read also: NOOK App for Kindle FireOverdrive App for Kindle Fire Download

Download Overdrive App for Kindle Fire

  1. From your Kindle Fire Home Page, select the Applications tab. Overdrive
  2. In the Application menu, select the Shop button in the upper right corner.
  3. Use the search box at the top of the screen on your Kindle device to search for OverDrive. (Note: You must be connected to the internet using a data plan or WiFi.)
  4. Tap Download. If prompted, enter the password for your Amazon account, please enter.
  5. After downloading the application, it will be found on your Application bookshelf. Tap the logo to open the
  6. Overdrive app that just finished downloading.
  7. Then open the OverDrive app and follow the instructions to enter (or register) using your library card,
  8. Tap the menu button (three lines surrounded by boxes), tap Manage library, then +. On the first-generation Kindle Fire, tap the icon.
    a. Note: If this is the first time, you need to add a library by tapping Add library at the bottom of the screen, and looking for your ZIP code.
    b Tap the name of your library.
    c. Tap the star next to Media On Demand. This will save it for your next login.
  9. Find the eBook or Audio Book that you want to download by tapping Search near the top right corner of the screen on your device.
  10. When you find a book that is cool and you want to read. tap the cover of the book
  11. Tap Lend or Place Hold (if the item is being checked.)
  12. Then Tap Download.
  13. After you borrow the title, select Add to the application (if shown), or tap the book icon to open your Loans page and see all your options for that title. From there, you can tap Choose format, then you can use it.

Hopefully, the article can help you. Thank you good luck and enjoy

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