Silk Browser kindle Fire HD or HDX New Update

This article will discuss the Kindle Fire Silk Browser: Amazon has a special internet browser feature referred to as Silk, which is that the standard way most of the people use business-type Fire tablets to surf the internet. Unlike other major browsers, Amazon knows what sites you visit often and save them early, ensuring you’ve got a robust load time. This organization hasn’t updated what has fundamentally been performing for years, but this has been different in recent months. Here are a number of the features that are in itSilk Browser kindle Fire HD or HDX New Update

Updated Navigation Bar

We changed this color theme for better legibility. The navigation bar includes icons for that webpage and bookmarks for easy access. additionally, we created the entry thanks to Silk’s left panel menu simpler to access, increasing the dimensions of the burger menu icon. From your left panel menu, you’ll enter Private Browsing, view your history, and customize your browser settings.

Updated Home Page Knowledge

From the open tab, tap your home icon from the navigation bar to look at Silk’s updated home page. Your popular sites are now certainly listed during a tiled format, with quickly identifiable favicons. These changes provide help to quickly skim the page to urge the website you’re checking out.

Simplified Bookmarking

We caused it to be simpler to bookmark your selected webpages to urge to after. Whenever browsing an internet site, only tap the bookmark icon for the navigation bar to form your bookmark.


To look at your bookmarks, tap your home page icon and next tap the BOOKMARKS tab. With this page, search, type, manage, and share all of your bookmarks with others.


Tabs Like PC

Use tabs like most mobile browsers so let’s say you employ tabs so you’ll open and browse multiple pages directly except in silk they are more like Windows to ascertain all tabs, of course, you’ll navigate to different tabs plus you’ll manage anything which you open to close all windows quickly, hold down any page and tap close all tabs and have them.

Reading list

First one among the more useful built-in features here is that the saved page if you don’t have time to read the article you’ll reserve it by pressing the button above or pressing the three points above right and selecting to save lots of pages won’t only save this for later, but also good offline is out there for free of charge internet trips once you can read the saved article just saved the page within the sidebar.

Final World

Hopefully, the above article can assist you with the kindle fire silk browser. If you’ve got difficulties please fill within the comments column that we’ve provided, many thanks for visiting our website. still follow our website for information on other newest Kindle Fire tips and tricks.

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